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Sales & Marketing Track
Developing fundamental skills necessary for the sales environment. Helps participants to get into the marketing practices and focus on the best practices to implement an effective marketing plan and strategy. Developing professional personal attitude and conduct in the sales and Market career. Analyzing the different aspects of the sales market and develop a competitive edge among competition. Building a long term relationship with customers and finding solutions for them as a part of a mutual winning strategy. ...
Customer Service Track
In today's business environment, the customer service career is getting more and more importance being one of the effective ways of developing a competitive edge to gain and build a customer base. Customer service brings companies the right tools to cultivate valued and lasting customers. These include helping employees become good interpreters of what customers want today, and expect tomorrow. Moreover, customer service presents the most effective tactics for overcoming customer dissatisfaction, client defection and offer strategies employees can use to negotiate big wins for both their companies and customers as well. ...

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